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K9 In Training- Service Dog Training
K9 In Training offers course to help you train your current puppy/dog to become a "Service Dog." If you don't currently have a puppy/dog, we can help you find and train one to become your "Service Dog."


Completed All 3 level of Obedience and All 3 AKC-CGC Titles (CGC, CGCA, CGCU)
at least 10 months old to start the Service Dog Training​​​ Course. 


It is best to start with a puppy--improve bound, and able to use the puppy as a "Service Dog In Training."​

​​Once you start training your puppy/dog with us you can using them as a "Service Dog In Training." There is difference from "Service Dog" and, "Service Dog In Training."

To Start the Service Dog Training programs or Course: 
  • ​We require you to have a "Prescription for Service Dog​​" from your doctor. This Prescription helps you in the long run, in addition this helps us to train your dog for you needs.
  • Understand how a service dog can assist you in you life and what task they will help you with.​​
  • Contact your local Animal Control Office for information about the local and state service dog status.
​We offer 3 level of training programs​​:
  • ​A 54 Weeks, 9 Courses Service Dog Training Program--
    ​for those starting with a Puppy, under 6 months old.
    Price $4,299.00 saving you up to $2,800.
    "Service Dog In Training ID Card" is included for the course.
    "Service Dog ID Cards" is included at completion of the course.
    ​Meets you once a week for 54 sessions​​​​.​
  • A 42 Weeks, 7 Courses-Service Dog Training Program​--
    for those starting with a Dog, 6 months old or older.
    ​​Price $3,799.00 saving you up to $2,300​
    "Service Dog In Training" ID Card is included for the course.
    "Service Dog" ID Card is included at completion of the course.
    ​Meeting once a week for 42 sessions​ ​​
  • ​A 6 week, Service Dog Training Course--
    for those starting with a well trained dog, and 10 month old or older.
    Price is $599.00
    ​​Due to some disabilities, and some dog's may take more then 6-sessions.
    "Service Dog In Training" ID Card can be included for $29.00​
    ​"Service Dog" ID Cards can be included for $49.00​
    Meeting once a week for 6 session.​
​​We help you learn and follow the federal as well state laws and requirements to get your dog noted as a "service dog", so when your dogs status gets challenged you know the laws and regulations.

​Due to 
unfortunate abuse of service dog status--service dogs are being challenged more and more. The VA (Veterans Affairs) can now refuse Service Dogs, from entering. Yes, you read that correctly, the VA is exempt from being required to allow Service Dogs, entering their centers and Hospitals.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Service Dog Programs Includes
  • Puppy Obedience Training:(for puppies under 6 month old)
    A 6 weeks course for those working with a puppy, the basic commands and understand of dog ownership. ​​​
  • AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Course:(for puppies under 6 months old)
    A 6 weeks course completing the AKC Requirements. ​
  • ​​Level 1 Obedience Course:
    A 6 weeks course following the basic commands and understand of dog ownership, is a minimum. ​​​
  • ​​Level 2 Obedience Course:
    A 6 week course that increases the requirements and training for the "Owner and Dog."
  • Level 3 Obedience Course:
    ​A 6 week course bridging the Basic and Intermediate and start prepping for the CGC Course ​​
  • AKC CGC-Course:
    A 6 weeks Course going over the  requirements of the Canine Good Citizen Course. Understanding You are taking your service dog in to public spaces--the CGC is a great training program for you and your dog. 
  • AKC Community Canine Course:
    A 6 week course course​​ follows up with the CGC and increases the requirements and a prep course for the Therapy Dog Training. 
  • ​AKC Urban CGC: 
    A 6 week course course​​ follows up with the CGC, CCC and increases the requirements as well the 3D's around the public.
  • Disability and Service Dog Training:
    Working and training you and your dog for your disabilities. The length of the course will be dependent on your requirements and your dogs ability to learn (we will do some of the disability training while working on the other courses)​​ 
Get Your Dog Noticed as a Service Dog:
​Once you complete the federal and state requirements, we will help make sure you get your dog noticed as a Service/Assistance dog. 

Once you complete the Service Dog Combo or Course, K9 In Training will give you an Affidavit. This Affidavit, will afford you a legal notice that your dog is a "Service Dog." 

Our Service Dog ID Cards--​​are free for those who complete the Combo Course and can be purchased for $49.00 those who complete the 6-week course. Replacement Cards or extra cards can be purchased for $29.00. Our ID Cards are good for 24 months after you complete your last Service Dog Course

​​​Follow-Up Training:

​Just because you have your dog noticed as a "service/assistance dog", training does not stop. We offer follow-up training and re-conditioning training for you and your dog. We require continued education and follow up Service Dog Training every 24 months.
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