K9 In Training - Level 2 Obedience
​Level 1 Obedience or comparable skill level​​, and ​For dogs 6 months & up.

​For dogs and owners that already know basic cues

Our 6-week course helps dogs who already know basic cues, and owners that already know the basic training concepts.

​​Achieve the same results in situations involving more distance, duration and distractions.

​Class Teaches:
  • Foundation Training with the 3 D's Concepts​​​​​: 
    ​Distance, Distraction, and Duration​
  • Re-enforces Positive Training:
    Increase any "D", Decrease other "D's", Increase the Reward
  • Command Structure: 
    With the 3 D's​
  • Commands: 
    Sit/Wait, Down/Wait, Oust, Come from distance, Sit/Stay and Down/Stay from distance, Hurry/Slow on walk, Take It/Leave It/Drop It, Up/Up, Up&Over, and Ground, Heel Left/Heel Right, Speak, Silence/Enough, Go-to-Bed, and more.