K9 In Training - Pack Issues
 Dealing with aggression can be a serious issues, contact us A.S.A.P.
​Unchecked and uncorrected aggression is a problem and will only get worse, if allowed to continue.
At K9 In Training; we work with aggressive dogs and their owners.
Most aggression issues can be summed up with the "TRUST and RESPECT" philosophy.
A lot of times the dog will become aggressive in order to protect their pack mates.
Yes, you are a pack mate--the question is are you the Alpha or Omega pack mate
Pack Rules:

Many dogs strive to dominate other dogs or humans which they come in contact. They will do this by body language, vocalizing or physical actions. Once you start to understand pack behavior you will start to understand a lot of whys of your dog’s life. Understanding the pack rules and behaviosr; you will gain better control of your dog, understand why your dog is dominate or dominated, be able to train them better, and respect your dog.

As you read this web site we push the trust and respect equals cooperation. The concept goes both ways. Remember their instincts have helped the wolf to become one of the most successful species in the world. By nature they are opportunist predators/hunters so the chasing of small moving objects is natural whether it is a cat, smaller dog, rabbit, jogger, or biker. Also they like to use their nose and find dead prey—the easy meal—this is how we train tracking dogs, using their desire and instinct of opportunist predators.

Dog play is one way a dog sorts out their level in the pack, just like humans in sports. Dogs may jump and bump up against us or other dog in their excitement to greet us—just as they would greet one of their own pack mate returning home. 

The Alpha-Omega Pack Ranking: where do you fit in 
  • Alphas:
  1. Alphas are the top dog(s)--either a single dog in the pack or a pair. 
  2. Alpha dogs are the protectors of the Pack. 
  3. ​This is you or your dog.
  • Beta: 
  1. The Beta dog is the second in command-- the peace maker and/or pack enforcer. 
  2. Could challenge the Alpha at anytime. 
  • Gama:
  1. Gamma dogs are pack dogs. 
  2. You see a hierarchy structure even at the pack level.
  • Delta: 
  1. Deltas are the Peter Pan's and the Lost Boys of the pack. 
  2. Deltas are the fun loving and trouble makers--they never want to grow up.
  • Epsilons: 
  1. Epsilons are the new puppies or new pack members. 
  2. ​​Learning everything about the pack, the pack structure, their place in the pack and their duties with in the pack.
  • Omega: 
  1. Omega these are the older dogs (grumpy old men) that had their days and just chilling out. 
  2. ​They may get picked on (by the lost boys), but will draw the line every once in a while with them. 
  3. ​A lot of times their age, past hierarchy, size etc...will demand the respect of the upper dogs.
Where do you fit into this with your dog(s) and where do your dog(s)--fits in this scale with you and the other dogs.

Daily routine, structure and drawing the lines with your dog will help with aggressive issues. The "Puppy Cradle"--done properly--is one of the best and most important things to do with your dog.

If you are dealing with aggression contact us A.S.A.P.

Valerie and Stella preforming the “Puppy Cradle” teaching the trust and respect concepts